The security and reliability of your data are our priority

Oxana is based on the most advanced technologies to offer solutions for businesses and institutions. To ensure your business continuity and keep you safe we securely backup your data daily.
Information exchange is secure through 128 bit SSL encryption.

Data backup

Your data is always secure, reliable and accessible. To ensure this, we keep daily backups. Your business continuity is safe.

Security on many levels

Access to our servers is protected on several levels: firewall, VPN, encryption and unauthorized access protection systems. These devices and systems are always configured, monitored and updated based on the best practices in the sector.

Your data are always available

Your data is stored on our servers. If your computer, tablet or phone breaks or gets lost, you do not lose the data and no one else can access it except you.

Your account is always secure

By creating a password that meets all the complexity criteria, changing it periodically, and constantly checking the access history on your profile, your account will always be safe.