Increase your business performance with a pure cloud platform.

Through Oxana you will discover new and interesting advantages of the electronic invoice. Your business will have its dedicated virtual space. Create the offers which are profitable for you and the right for your clients. Have all your businesses and shops online and integrated with Oxana.

Cloud Technology

An innovative way of managing your business from wherever you are. Cloud technology offers you maximum security, large volume of data storage, and high speed of use. Work easily from any computer, tablet or smartphone.


Innovation and effectiveness in relation with customers and suppliers

Use the latest technological innovations to interact with your customers. Take advantage of real-time offers from your suppliers.

Electronic Invoice

Take advantage of all the benefits that electronic invoicing offers you. Create and send: -tax invoices -accompanied invoices -tax coupon


You don’t need sophisticated computers

no additional equipment,
no printers,
no cash register,
no network hardware,
no need for advanced knowledge about computers.
All you need is a modest computer or smartphone and your system is ready to use anytime.

The power of intelligent business anytime anywhere (BI)

Oxana gives you a clear view of your business 24/7 through multiple graphs and reports, and intelligent and valuable information about sales, supplies, taxes, and more, which enable you to have control of every aspect of your business.

Small & Micro Enterprise

Basic functionalities for managing your business

Medium & Large Enterprise

Advanced functionalities for having everything under control